Practise lists in Play Scales

The Options screen is where you can set up Play Scales for your requirements. Your choices for each of your instruments are saved separately. From this screen you can create and manage practise lists, customise Challenge me mode and select which scale styles you want to use.

Create and manage practise lists

To download a ready made practise list click on the Download a(nother) practice list button and the available practise lists for your instrument will be fetched. Choose the practise list you want and it will download and return you to the Practise List Selection screen.

To edit or delete a practise list simply click on it when it is selected.

Use Make a(nother) practise list to add the exercises you want in your practise list.

Customise Challenge me

My Challenge list is associated with the selected practise list. Initially it contains all the exercises in the practise list. You can stop Challenge me from picking a particular exercise by greying it out in My Challenge list. Exercises are turned on/off in My Challenge list by clicking them. Play Scales will remember the exercises selected in My Challenge list for each practise list.

The number of exercises chosen in a Challenge me session is set by My challenge length. A Challenge me session can be set to be between 5 and 30 exercises in steps of 5. You can leave a Challenge me session before the end without penalty.

Choose scale styles

The scale styles option allows you to set which minor scale style(s) you want to play. At least one minor scale style must be set but more than one can be set at a time. For instance, if you want to learn both harmonic and melodic minor scales then select both. Play Scales uses this information to populate the lists of exercises with the correct types of minor scales. The style of minor is shown whenever a minor scale is displayed by using (h) for harmonic, (m) for melodic and (n) for natural.

The final note of a dominant seventh scale is entered here. Dominant sevenths can resolve on the tonic or end on the dominant as they began. Play Scales will listen for the ending that is specified here. When entering dominant seventh scales in a practise list you will be asked which way you want them to end and this will automatically set the selection on this screen when that practise list is selected.